Contemporary and Country

A Fine Balance

Our exhibition features recent work by 40 artists and makers from across East Anglia, who will explore narratives original to natural life forms and processes that distinguish different aspects of our environment. They will reveal the fragility of unusual topographies and celebrate the cyclical process of a coastal landscape alternating between erosion and renewal.

The exhibition will be held in two parts the first from Sunday 29 March to 28 June and the second will be from Wednesday 1 July to 28 September. Both parts will focus on natural phenomena and activities that are frequently personal in terms of our physical impact on the environment through more commercial concerns like horticulture, farming and tourism. Looking at the structures that support the diversity of native flora and fauna alongside a highly maintained version of the countryside and our place within it.

A Fine Balance serves to alert us to our own social context and how significant that is in our outlook toward ‘the great outdoors’. Artists and makers will use current attitudes as well as depictions of the recent past that reveal our encounters with the natural landscape. It is through finding a variety of visualisations that we arrive at a greater understanding of the different claims made upon our immediate environment.

Thanks to Lord and Lady Cholmondeley for their generosity and vision in providing such a beautiful exhibition space.


Contemporary and Country (C&C) is a new initiative presenting contemporary art and the handmade by established artists and makers based in the east of England. C&C will hold regular pop-up exhibitions in non-gallery spaces and we will be introducing selected work by international creatives based in rural locations. Their work will be displayed in stimulating settings to suit an informed audience, who look beyond the passing trend.