Anish Kapoor
Anish Kapoor at Houghton Hall

Seminal works by the celebrated British sculptor Anish Kapoor will go on show across the grounds and historic interiors of Houghton Hall in Norfolk for the exhibition Anish Kapoor at Houghton Hall, opening on 29 March 2020. Read more

Tony Cragg

Chris Levine

Henry Moore
1 May – 29 September 2019

In a unique collaboration with the Henry Moore Foundation, Houghton Hall in Norfolk presents this major exhibition HENRY MOORE AT HOUGHTON HALL: NATURE AND INSPIRATION – the first significant show of the artist’s work in East Anglia. Read more

Houghton Outdoor Sculpture

In recent years, Lord Cholmondeley has built up an impressive collection of contemporary sculptures by world renowned artists, which are displayed in the gardens and grounds at Houghton. Read more

Damien Hirst
25th March - 15th July 2018

COLOUR SPACE was a landmark exhibition at Houghton Hall which featured new works by artist Damien Hirst, one of the most remarkable artists of his generation. The ornate interiors of the State Rooms were transformed by Hirst's new Colour Space paintings, which took the place of Walpole and Cholmondeley family portraits. A selection of the artist's best known sculptures from the last 15 years were also been positioned around the park and grounds - as well as in the house. Read more

Richard Long
30th April to 26th October 2017

EARTHSKY was created by Turner-prize winner, Sir Richard Long who is part of a generation of distinguished British artists who extended the possibilities of sculpture beyond traditional materials and method. Read more

Artist Residencies

James Turrell
7th June to 24th October 2015

LIGHTSCAPE was created by one of the world’s most acclaimed artists, American James Turrell who created a site-specific light work which illuminated the entire west façade of Houghton Hall as part of a major exhibition of his work. Read more

Houghton Revisited
17th May to 24th November 2013

In 2013 Houghton staged a ground-breaking reconstruction of Sir Robert Walpole’s picture collection, which had been sold in its entirety to Catherine the Great in 1779. The exhibition was a collaboration with the State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburgh, and attracted 115,000 visitors over nearly six months. It won both the Hudson Heritage Award for Best Event and Apollo Magazine’s Exhibition of the Year award. Read more