Damien Hirst


25th March – 15th July 2018

Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays only

A series of new paintings by Damien Hirst entitled Colour Space will be installed in the State Rooms at Houghton Hall for the exhibition Damien Hirst at Houghton Hall from 25 March – 15 July 2018. The exhibition will also include a number of the artist’s most celebrated sculptures which will be installed throughout the 18th-century house and gardens.

The Colour Space paintings have never been shown in public before and are a development of the iconic Spot Paintings which are among the artist’s most recognised works.

7 sculptures will be installed outdoors in the park featuring some of the artist’s most famous and visually arresting works. They include the celebrated Virgin Mother (2005–2006) which was shown in the courtyard of the Royal Academy in 2006, and Charity (2002–2003) which was installed on Hoxton Square in 2003 and outside the Royal West of England Academy of Art in Bristol in 2011

Those installed in the house include Anatomy of an Angel, 2008 in the entrance hall, and two smaller kinetic sculptures from the artist’s “levitation” series featuring air blowers and table tennis balls, in the celebrated Stone Hall.

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The curator of the exhibition is Mario Codognato.

Lord Cholmondeley, owner of Houghton, said: ”We are delighted to have this opportunity to show Damien Hirst’s new paintings in the State Rooms at Houghton, together with some of his best-known sculptures in the grounds. It is perhaps the first time that Hirst has shown a significant body of work in a formal country house setting. William Kent’s gilded interiors will be transformed for the duration of the show.”

The exhibition also forms part of the visual arts programme of Norfolk & Norwich Festival 2018.

The lead sponsor of the exhibition is Dorotheum. The Viennese auction house is the oldest in continental speaking Europe, and is a fitting partner for this exhibition which juxtaposes old and new.  Established in 1707, the auction house continually belies its eighteenth century traditional heritage with innovative modern contemporary works and previews, including those of Damien Hirst for the past thirty years. Supporting sponsor is Mulberry.